Monday, 18 February 2008

Girls, I Understand Now

I know I know - having a "Looks & Fashion" section coming from me is a bit of a joke. I got laughed out of a clothing store once because I wanted a job there. True story. But this is the only area I could fit this topic into. So there.

"OMG! Shoes!" I have to say I never understood until now the power of the shoe. I thought it was something made up by American sit-com writers and evil shoe-elves that wanted to sell more shoes to women by any means necessary. When a woman would exclaim over a pair of shoes I would say:

"Ha! Shoes! Why would anyone worry about shoes?! They go on feet and that is all! That is all there is to say about shoes!"

But no. Not anymore. I now fully appreciate the shoe.

There is this pair of shoes you see. This pair of shoes so glorious I nearly squealed when I saw them. Electric blue Converse Chuck Taylor All Star hi-tops on special for $60 down from $90. They are so wonderful I am certain that if I were to wear them I would actually be granted the power of flight.

But alas the shoes are not within my budget this week. Perhaps I can buy the shoes next week. I must have these shoes. They are all I think about. I am worried that if I do not go and buy these shoes from the factory outlet where they are on sale, someone else will spy the wondrous magnificence of these shoes and will buy all of the shoes that are in my size.

So what if I already have three pairs of Chuck Taylors?! I must, at all costs, have another pair! They are blue! I don't have a pair that are blue!

I can't even find a picture of exactly how blue these shoes are, but they look somewhat like this. It's called Directoire Blue I think.

Oh and I also want these:
Wearing thongs (ugh! I forgot this blog has an international audience - 'flip-flops') that look like a pair of Cons is second only to actually wearing a pair of Cons. These thongs (I mean flip-flops) overcome the problem which I face daily when I want to wear my Cons but it's too hot outside. These were something like $24 on special too. I'm also feeling the love for these.

I will no doubt keep you updated on the status of the blue Cons.

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