Sunday, 10 February 2008

Five Awesome

According to Telstra, I live in a 'rural area' (this is rubbish) and so am not eligible for proper service like 'normal' people. As such it is really, really slow for watching things like YouTube. If I want to watch a five minute video, I have to spend nearly an hour downloading.

Normally it's not too bad because I can just surf around other places or what have you, and it also helps if I draw things in Photoshop or type things into my blog. So you get lots of updates. Yaaaay!

Basically this post is a plug for a series of videos that I'm watching at the moment and am really enjoying. It's the Five Awesome series. Originally it started with FiveAwesomeGirls and then Charlie(issocoollike) stole the idea and spun off the FiveAwesomeGuys channel. I watch both, although in all honestly I enjoy the girls more. No, not just because they're girls. I suppose they do more stuff in their videos. Their project is more developed whereas the guys seem to be flying by the seat of their pants a bit more.

The reason I'm plugging them like this is so that you guys can avoid the awful thing that happened with me and the Brotherhood 2.0 series. When Brotherhood 2.0 was featured on the front page in the middle of last year I failed to recognise their genius. I'm only just getting into it now - far too late. Don't let it happen to you!

The Five Awesome projects make me smile. The spinoff-spinoff projects make me smile less so, although I've just subscribed to the 5awesomegeeks channel purely because Laurbubble does Fridays. Nothing creepy, but I think I could watch Laura's videos all day.

Hi Laura! (Somehow I doubt she reads this!)

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  1. lol! Just found this blog! Yaay!

    Laurbubble Xxx