Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Copyright Infringement

Grr. Guess what I found out today? Some guy has gone around making direct copies of videos on YouTube. In particular, one of MY videos got copied and put on his channel. It was just a blatant, direct copy - no changes made whatsoever. Lookey:
I'm rather pissed actually. Although I don't really mind if people make derivative works from my videos (NerdStalker has done so without complaint from me) but this is just cheeky. Plus, from what I can gather it is for commercial gain.

I sent the copyright infringement email a few minutes ago so the video should be pulled soon and the account blocked. I hope this doesn't become a regular occurrence - channels popping up churning out copies of people's videos. The channel in question has posted 104 copies of other people's videos in just one night. If these channels become common it's going to really hurt YouTube a lot.

In the mean time just be careful that your videos haven't been copied by channels like this. I found it by subscribing to the tag "RoboFillet" - my username. Not only do I find videos where people talk about me (which is usually a good thing), I also find videos where people rip me off. I think both are important in maintaining the community on YouTube.

EDIT (21/Feb/08): I received an email from YouTube last night asking me to declare that I would be committing perjury if I was making a false claim. I sent an email back with the declaration but in the end it turned out I didn't need to - the video had already been taken down and the channel had already been suspended.

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  1. This has been happening everywhere. Junkienet's video about receiving her JOJ shirt was ripped and reproduced on another youtube channel. Infact even one of HalfScottishGuy's videos found its way on a channel not belonging to him... only, on revver!

    (We note that nobody seems to think JOJ content is worth stealing. And sigh.)