Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Book Club! - Wuthering Heights

I'm feeling inspired by the fiveawesomegirls (I've been thinking about them too much lately I'm sure). In each video they talk about what books they have read slash are reading. I thought about doing this in my videos too, but it doesn't really fit my format. Perhaps a video book club would fit the bill?

Anyway, I'll kick things off here by telling you that I have, like, SO many books to read I'm gunna go mentalz. The book I'm actually reading right now is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Classics FTW! It's pretty good and it makes me feel smart every time I pick it up so I think I'm on a winner.

Also, while scouring Google Images for a decent-sized picture of the front cover of the version I'm reading, I found this little gem of a T-shirt. The blog it came from looks pretty full-on in terms of book-nerdiness. I don't think I could possibly keep up with all her reading to know what she is blogging about.

I've heard that Heathcliff is the ultimate bad-boy of literary fiction. Legions of Bronte-fans swoon before his rugged, violent countenance. All I can see is a man who sets the dogs on unwary visitors. He also runs off with that chick just to show how stupid she is. He's a pretty terrible fellow I reckon. But the girls, they will not be dissuaded from the self-destructive desire to be with Heathcliff. Maybe he'll redeem himself a bit at the end and my opinion might change. Right now I don't think he's any better than his horrible, drunken foster brother.

I'm only halfway through it so far so please don't tell me the ending. Nelly hasn't told me what happens after he runs off with the little Linton.

Lesson learned: I need to set the dogs on more girls.

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  1. Sir, Heathcliff is a wanker =P the appeal lies in his obsession with Catherine. She's the centre of his world (chicks dig that kind of thing).

    Sure in normal circumstances we'd put a restraining order on him but compared to Edgar, Heathcliff comes off looking like..well the way 'Every breath you take' sounds (stalker anthems ftw!)