Saturday, 2 February 2008

Black Duck

I don't know if you've heard about Black Duck yet - any of you. I might have mentioned him in a video once or twice but until a minute ago he never existed as a comic. Previously he only existed as a mystical, Platonic Form. Black Duck is the antithesis to my mascot Random Chicken.

Black Duck actually did exist for a time. He was a character my friend Jesh and I came up with together. What happened was that I bought some of those shower crayons that you can use on the tiles in the bathroom. Over successive days when one or the other of us had a shower (*sigh* no, not at the same time - the internet has to stop with the dirty jokes) we would draw pictures on the walls so the next person could have a laugh while showering. Yes really.

I took the liberty of taking pictures before we washed our glorious work off the tiles. In case you are having trouble reading I have subtitled them.

"Red Duck eats pond weeds. Green Duck eats corn. Black Duck has no arms or legs"
(It's an in-joke. I wouldn't worry about it.)

"Red Duck says quack. Green Duck says quack. Black Duck gets racially insulted"

I have three others, including one where Black Duck actually commits suicide (rather macabre) but I'll save them for another post. This one is too long. Too long I say!


  1. 'no-arms' Michael6 February 2008 at 07:04

    Oh the good old days of social commentary on shower walls using ducks to represent people groups. Were these from jesh's shower?

  2. Not people groups, no-arms. We're not having a go at black people any more than Random Chicken would be having a go at white people.

    But yes, they're from Jesh's shower.