Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Black Duck II

I promised you the other Black Duck shower comics and, being a man of my word, I will deliver. Did you catch the first bunch? The story behind them is there. Again, I've captioned them because they can be hard to read sometimes.

Actually there are too many to fit into one post again, so you'll have to keep an eye out for the final installment (which will include a guest visit to the shower by Random Chicken). Anyway, enjoy!

"Red Duck plays flute. Green Duck plays banjo. Black Duck has NO musical skills what so ever."

In this comic Black Duck is being crapped on (it looks explosive) by...

Arnold, who says "It was the BUTTER CHICKEN!"
(See the promotional video)

"Red Duck likes to swing. Green Duck likes to swing. Black Duck took a swing."
(I feel really bad for Black Duck in this one. Why did he let things get so bad?)

On that rather down note, I'll leave you for today. Catch you next time for the final shower edition of Is it a Webcomic?

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