Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Totally going this year. Bought my ticket and everything. It's a done deal. It's like, done done. AND IT WILL BE AWESOME IN THE OLD SENSE OF THE WORD AWESOME!

They arguably have the best lineup ever this year. There's no Andy Hunter, which is a shame but they might be having a rave tent which is always fun.

Oh I'm sorry. You may not know what the hell I'm talking about. is a Christian music festival they hold in Toowoomba every year at Easter. It used to be called the Australian Gospel Music Festival but they realised that they don't usually have much gospel-style music there so they changed the name. Nobody's calling it Easterfest though. We're not used to the change yet.

It's looking like the Newsboys will be there. I've seen them perform live before and they are amazing. Also I'll be seeing Jars of Clay performing live for the first time. I have their latest album, Good Monsters and I am a big fan of that, so they should be pretty up there too.

Who else? MxPx will be there. Rock on! Plus some Aussie Idol dude - came second or some such. Also I'll see Alabaster Box again and The Lads, who have one of the most charismatic lead singers I've ever seen. He can't sing very well (he used to play tambourine!) but he sure can entertain a crowd.

Oh noes! I nearly forgot Melbourne outfit, Antiskeptic! I've never seen them live before, but I have all their albums (all two of them, hehe). Plus Brisbane jazz band Scat are putting on their annual fancy-pants ball. I absolutely must be the most garishly dressed!

Such a fanboy post but there you have it. I'm all set for the black boogers you get from moshing in Toowoomba (all the dust). Plus I'm camping this year at the site. I hope I get a good camping spot!

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