Tuesday, 12 February 2008

300! Yeah!

I just broke the 300 barrier yesterday. Or was it the day before? I can't remember. I don't know why I didn't take a screen cap straight away as soon as it happened. Might I have gone up two subscribers overnight?

At any rate, all I have is a screen cap of when I hit 10, 000 channel views (half of them probably my own clicks). At that stage I only had 299 subscribers. I think after that I went up by two, then somebody unsubscribed, then somebody else subscribed, bringing the total back up to 301.

In celebration, I thought I would treat all my subscribers to a video telling them how awesome they were. My idea was to dress a friend of mine up like a Spartan and have him yell at the camera for about thirty seconds or so. Then, if I could be arsed to write them all down, I could have all 300 names scroll across the screen in that writing that looks like it's been made out of blood.

My friend wasn't very enthusiastic about the idea of wearing a pair of leather budgie-smugglers though. He suggested that I give it a go, although somehow I doubt my skinny half-Scottish body could ever be mistaken for that of a well-built, bronzed Greek.

I suppose I could come up with some other idea, although I think I'm just too much in love with the 300 one. Every other idea just pales in the stoic, spear-wielding face of the Spartan one.

Perhaps when I get to 400 subscribers I'll try for another idea. The 300 subscriber threshold has been spoiled for it.

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