Friday, 29 February 2008

The Miley and Mandy Show

Back on the 24th of February, Miley Cyrus, queen of American children's television and pop music, opened a YouTube channel with her best friend Mandy. The videos at the moment are incredibly poor, but before you start hating me - I'm very impressed about it.

I used to be, perhaps not condescending, but at least ambivalent about her. She is the current flagship star of Disney, and so all her stuff is really, really polished. Overpolished even. When I heard that she opened a channel I could imagine an Oprah-like effort - no comments allowed, super-photoshopped banners, the works. And why not? Wouldn't Disney want her to look as good as possible? And who cares if she doesn't interact with other users on the site?

But no. What we have are videos of two girls running around just being silly - miming to songs, baking cakes, etc etc. The channel isn't even a partnered/sponsored channel. She's just like any other 15 year old on the site. Well perhaps not exactly like any 15 year old; she has 12,000 subscriptions in her first week-or-so of being on the site. But in terms of videos she is starting from the bottom where we all started and there isn't a set or studio to be seen. My first videos were terrible. You can still watch them if you want.

I could actually see this girl making video responses and even (gasp!) collaborations with other users. I guess we'll see if this is a flight of fancy on her part. If she doesn't get hooked on the site then she'll likely just forget about it. However, this is the first time I've actually seen an 'old media' celebrity actually interact with other users on the same level. In short, instant humanisation of what was once just a product to me.

Good on you Miley and Mandy. I've subscribed so keep practicing those videos!

Thursday, 28 February 2008


I know I'm going to regret ever saying this but... I'm actually looking forward to going back to uni. In particular, I have a class with my favourite lecturer ever, Jason Nelson. I'm assuming it's ok to say his name, considering he's my favourite lecturer ever. However, I won't say the name of another lecturer I have this semester, who happens to be my least favourite. Fun fun.

Why is Jason is my favourite lecturer? Here is an extract from an email he sent to the whole class:
We will be your favorite teachers of all time, your
respect and adoration of us will be so massive that you
will bring food to all classes!
Normally lecturers are really stingy about people bringing edibles into classes. It's a big WATER ONLY rule, even in classes that don't require computers. He also sometimes wears a grey jumpsuit to his lectures.

In fact, Jason is so awesome he has a Wikipedia entry about him. However, I actually find his Uncyclopedia entry to be more informative. (Really it is! At least, it was when I created the link with my god-like powers of WYSIWYG net-creation.)

I totally don't want this post to be one long love letter to Jason, but that looks like what it's turning out to be. I suppose in a way he reminds me of a story I read on one of my favourite blogs - only in a nice way. Hmm. Imagine if the university board read this and was all "drunk in classes?!" and fired him.

Well let me just tell you, university board, he isn't drunk in classes; I'm sure he is only high on life. The paragraph above was just a sweet segueway into a funny link. Like, chill. You're always getting worked up about stuff - gosh!

He's totally going to find this too. He's hopelessly vain - Googling himself all the time, he is.

Bah. I'll publish anyway. The content monster wants feeding.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Please Excuse Arnold

Yes, that really is a Triple J shirt the blonde one is wearing. My best approximation of one anyway. This is another old comic that I drew sometime last year. It was one of the only ones that made my friend Jesh laugh immediately after seeing it. Normally he would just pull an Art Critic on me. Le sigh.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Book Club! - Wuthering Heights

I'm feeling inspired by the fiveawesomegirls (I've been thinking about them too much lately I'm sure). In each video they talk about what books they have read slash are reading. I thought about doing this in my videos too, but it doesn't really fit my format. Perhaps a video book club would fit the bill?

Anyway, I'll kick things off here by telling you that I have, like, SO many books to read I'm gunna go mentalz. The book I'm actually reading right now is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Classics FTW! It's pretty good and it makes me feel smart every time I pick it up so I think I'm on a winner.

Also, while scouring Google Images for a decent-sized picture of the front cover of the version I'm reading, I found this little gem of a T-shirt. The blog it came from looks pretty full-on in terms of book-nerdiness. I don't think I could possibly keep up with all her reading to know what she is blogging about.

I've heard that Heathcliff is the ultimate bad-boy of literary fiction. Legions of Bronte-fans swoon before his rugged, violent countenance. All I can see is a man who sets the dogs on unwary visitors. He also runs off with that chick just to show how stupid she is. He's a pretty terrible fellow I reckon. But the girls, they will not be dissuaded from the self-destructive desire to be with Heathcliff. Maybe he'll redeem himself a bit at the end and my opinion might change. Right now I don't think he's any better than his horrible, drunken foster brother.

I'm only halfway through it so far so please don't tell me the ending. Nelly hasn't told me what happens after he runs off with the little Linton.

Lesson learned: I need to set the dogs on more girls.

Globally Discussed - Damn Sexy Honours

Time to brag a little bit.

I got on the top 100 'most discussed' and 'highest rated' lists for the 'Howto & Style' category for the global site. That's pretty cool, even though both honours are in the 40s and the 'Howto & Style' category is pretty underpopulated. Only thing is, I could keep getting more comments and more ratings which would keep pushing me up that list, but I would never know about it unless I was obsessively checking and rechecking my honours hour by hour.

For the record, I do not obsessively check and recheck my honours. No really I don't.

So this is as far as I'll probably check my honours for this video, and I'm pretty pleased with how it was recieved considering it was a thirty-second video of me monologuing about something that happened to me that same day.

The rest of the honours you see in the picture are for the Australia site only. Considering I'm really only competing against perhaps 200 other users, it's not all that hard to get #7 top rated in Australian Howto & Style.

Here's the video:

Monday, 25 February 2008


I'm completely loving the UK drama, Skins at the moment. Of course, it's too edgy to get played by anyone but SBS so it's stuck at some backwater timeslot on a channel that hardly anyone watches. I'll be surprised if anyone actually knows what I am talking about. As always Australia is behind in the episodes we're getting - the final episode of season 1 is getting played on Monday week - nearly a year behind the UK.

I think it's actually stupidly popular everywhere but Australia - there's been no stir about it here. It's a really good series, though. Maybe a bit more full-on than my own teenage years, (oh my! I'm not even 20 yet and already I'm talking about "my teenage years!") but I know there were certainly people in my year-level at school who lived like that every week.

Only problem is that I missed the first three or four episodes. I really need to find the DVD of season 1. Ugh! I'll never find it in a video rental store!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Black Duck III

I'm thinking of changing the background of my YouTube channel to include Black Duck. I don't know how I'm going to do this successfully though. I'm associated with the chicken, not the duck, in the minds of my audience. The previous sentence would be hilarious where it not for the fact that it's completely true.

Didja see the first one? How about the second?

"Black Duck does the goose step"


"'Spandex'... Random Chicken visits the bathroom"

"I am but a simple man. I draw ducks for a living."

And that's all for the Shower Comics. There are no more!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Wet 'n Wild plus A Teenager No More

Today I spent all day at the salt and chlorine and urine-smelling place that is Wet 'n Wild. It was pretty good I suppose. I went with the youth group of my church and so I hung around Mitto for most of the day and we nerded it up about YouTube in between rides. People talk really loudly in theme parks. We basically had to yell at each other about the fiveawesomegirls while we were waiting for the Black Hole.

We've also come up with an idea for a kind of 'collaboration video' except it's not. Basically we are trying to fool as many people as we can - no more details will be divulged until we shoot and edit this baby. Meanwhile, if you read this blog and see the video(s) then please don't do the "Oh wait but..." and then give it away. That defeats the whole point.

Finally on the Wet 'n Wild front the power cut out at about 3:30 in the arvo and it didn't turn on again. All the rides stopped working and none of the pool filtration systems were running. Some people kept swimming, but I saw how murky the water was while the filters were running let alone what they would look like after 150+ people had been swimming in it for an hour. Eww.

Also I'm turning 20 soon. On the 5th of March actually. For a while I was like "Oh my gosh! I'm not going to be a teenager anymore! I've been a teenager so long I don't know what to do!" It's stupid I know, because that's what you're supposed to do when you are thirty but give me a break - suddenly all the youth resources I have ever bought no longer apply to me, seeing as they are all suffixed with "for teens."

Anyway, I was like that for a bit. Not sad, but kind of overwhelmed with the idea I've been poking around for two decades. I probably did the same when I turned ten, only I'd been poking for just one decade - in fact I think I do remember thinking that! Now I'm really excited for it though. I'm like yeah lets pwn this decade!

Also I'm fully aware that my catchphrase upon entering my 20s contains the word 'pwn' which no doubt will date faster than puffed sleeves, but I feel it accurately captures the spirit of 2008.


My 20s are going to rock.

The end.

(No pictures or links were included in today's post because I am tired, but not tired enough to not post a blog, but tired enough not to do it properly.)

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Totally going this year. Bought my ticket and everything. It's a done deal. It's like, done done. AND IT WILL BE AWESOME IN THE OLD SENSE OF THE WORD AWESOME!

They arguably have the best lineup ever this year. There's no Andy Hunter, which is a shame but they might be having a rave tent which is always fun.

Oh I'm sorry. You may not know what the hell I'm talking about. is a Christian music festival they hold in Toowoomba every year at Easter. It used to be called the Australian Gospel Music Festival but they realised that they don't usually have much gospel-style music there so they changed the name. Nobody's calling it Easterfest though. We're not used to the change yet.

It's looking like the Newsboys will be there. I've seen them perform live before and they are amazing. Also I'll be seeing Jars of Clay performing live for the first time. I have their latest album, Good Monsters and I am a big fan of that, so they should be pretty up there too.

Who else? MxPx will be there. Rock on! Plus some Aussie Idol dude - came second or some such. Also I'll see Alabaster Box again and The Lads, who have one of the most charismatic lead singers I've ever seen. He can't sing very well (he used to play tambourine!) but he sure can entertain a crowd.

Oh noes! I nearly forgot Melbourne outfit, Antiskeptic! I've never seen them live before, but I have all their albums (all two of them, hehe). Plus Brisbane jazz band Scat are putting on their annual fancy-pants ball. I absolutely must be the most garishly dressed!

Such a fanboy post but there you have it. I'm all set for the black boogers you get from moshing in Toowoomba (all the dust). Plus I'm camping this year at the site. I hope I get a good camping spot!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Jumper. It got panned in the reviews but what did I think of it? Does it even matter? Do you even care? But before I get to those questions...

I have a confession to make, when I went to see this movie I forgot - clean forgot - to invite my friend Tom. Thankfully he will be glad he didn't come along.

Well it wasn't that bad. But still, it was pretty bad. I think Hollywood just needs to come to terms with the fact that Hayden Christensen is not a good actor. Sure he's good-looking, but he simply can't act. I'm not trying to be mean - perhaps he can improve - but in both this and the prequel Star Wars movies it's akin to watching a plank of wood mumble out lines from an auto-cue.

The movie isn't his fault though. Like Keanu Reeves it's possible that if you put him in the right movie his withdrawn, mumbleyness might actually work really well. But not this time. It was the script-writer's fault really. When I watch a movie I always suspend my disbelief, no matter how absurd it is. Unfortunately for Jumper, the film takes a number of turns that are inconsistent with the framework of the film itself if you know what I mean.

To improve this film I would have put a different actor in the lead role and made it about an actual jumper. It could be a romantic comedy about a guy who wears a jumper and then meets a girl, only the girl doesn't know his name. They neglect to swap phone numbers and the guy donates the jumper to St Vinnies. Later the girl sees a man wearing the same jumper getting onto a train. She follows him in and then realises she just got on a train going interstate with a guy she doesn't know. Will she fall in love with him? Will she find the first guy again? Is the jumper a magical love-making jumper?

Oh I'm sorry it appears I got distracted. If you want a bit of a laugh or you don't care if there are plot holes (like why did they drive around in Tokyo for eight hours when they needed to get saving the girl?) then I suppose you can see this movie without feeling violated. However, there is every chance that you will, so you should be careful to go when someone else is paying for you or something.

Copyright Infringement

Grr. Guess what I found out today? Some guy has gone around making direct copies of videos on YouTube. In particular, one of MY videos got copied and put on his channel. It was just a blatant, direct copy - no changes made whatsoever. Lookey:
I'm rather pissed actually. Although I don't really mind if people make derivative works from my videos (NerdStalker has done so without complaint from me) but this is just cheeky. Plus, from what I can gather it is for commercial gain.

I sent the copyright infringement email a few minutes ago so the video should be pulled soon and the account blocked. I hope this doesn't become a regular occurrence - channels popping up churning out copies of people's videos. The channel in question has posted 104 copies of other people's videos in just one night. If these channels become common it's going to really hurt YouTube a lot.

In the mean time just be careful that your videos haven't been copied by channels like this. I found it by subscribing to the tag "RoboFillet" - my username. Not only do I find videos where people talk about me (which is usually a good thing), I also find videos where people rip me off. I think both are important in maintaining the community on YouTube.

EDIT (21/Feb/08): I received an email from YouTube last night asking me to declare that I would be committing perjury if I was making a false claim. I sent an email back with the declaration but in the end it turned out I didn't need to - the video had already been taken down and the channel had already been suspended.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Girls, I Understand Now

I know I know - having a "Looks & Fashion" section coming from me is a bit of a joke. I got laughed out of a clothing store once because I wanted a job there. True story. But this is the only area I could fit this topic into. So there.

"OMG! Shoes!" I have to say I never understood until now the power of the shoe. I thought it was something made up by American sit-com writers and evil shoe-elves that wanted to sell more shoes to women by any means necessary. When a woman would exclaim over a pair of shoes I would say:

"Ha! Shoes! Why would anyone worry about shoes?! They go on feet and that is all! That is all there is to say about shoes!"

But no. Not anymore. I now fully appreciate the shoe.

There is this pair of shoes you see. This pair of shoes so glorious I nearly squealed when I saw them. Electric blue Converse Chuck Taylor All Star hi-tops on special for $60 down from $90. They are so wonderful I am certain that if I were to wear them I would actually be granted the power of flight.

But alas the shoes are not within my budget this week. Perhaps I can buy the shoes next week. I must have these shoes. They are all I think about. I am worried that if I do not go and buy these shoes from the factory outlet where they are on sale, someone else will spy the wondrous magnificence of these shoes and will buy all of the shoes that are in my size.

So what if I already have three pairs of Chuck Taylors?! I must, at all costs, have another pair! They are blue! I don't have a pair that are blue!

I can't even find a picture of exactly how blue these shoes are, but they look somewhat like this. It's called Directoire Blue I think.

Oh and I also want these:
Wearing thongs (ugh! I forgot this blog has an international audience - 'flip-flops') that look like a pair of Cons is second only to actually wearing a pair of Cons. These thongs (I mean flip-flops) overcome the problem which I face daily when I want to wear my Cons but it's too hot outside. These were something like $24 on special too. I'm also feeling the love for these.

I will no doubt keep you updated on the status of the blue Cons.

Friday, 15 February 2008

TWLOHA - Still Feeling It (Kind of)

I'm still really curious about these guys. There's a gap for people like me, who feel terrible for other people going though depression, addiction or whatever, but lack the wherewithal to do anything about it. I suppose because TWLOHA is an awareness-raising group it means that they come closest to filling that gap. They donate money on to other projects and they help people connect with counseling in their area.

As a uni student, come March I'll be both time and money poor. Still, perhaps once I've paid off my debt to my parents (Felix had a service and there was a large, unforeseen expense) I can donate to them and buy a T-shirt or two so that people might ask about them. The thing is, they are also about an attitude that I've been trying to cultivate in myself for months now - active love. Not just feel-good type stuff but love that actually makes a difference in other people's lives. I guess that's why I like them so much.

So anyway, that's the story about my new favourite charity. You can donate on their website.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

To Write Love On Her Arms

It might just be because it's half-past twelve in the morning, but I've got that feeling that I sometimes get. Like I'm standing in the middle of a giant jigsaw puzzle and I can actually feel the pieces clicking into place around me. In fact, I feel like I am a piece, getting maneuvered this way and that before sliding right where I'm meant to go just now.

Over the past two days I've kept bumping into this organisation called To Write Love On Her Arms. A group that helps people going through depression, addiction, self-harm and those affected by suicide. They're a "Christian" group, but not exclusively Christian. They say: "This is a project for all people. This is a project for broken people, and it is led by broken people."

This morning I woke up and logged onto YouTube like I often do. Wallofweird posted a video on the night of the 13th my time about that group. I'd actually read about them that very same night in a nonfiction book. I clicked through to their website and was impressed with them. Their idea haunted me all day - resonating with thoughts that I've been musing on (or should that be 'bothered by'?) for weeks.

I couldn't help myself and I returned to their website to find out more. I just had to know. I clicked on their journal/blog thing. They are coming to Australia for a speaking tour in a matter of days and are still (apparently) looking for places to speak in. They will be arriving on the Gold Coast in five days.

I passed this info along to my pastor considering he is more connected than I. It might be not enough notice for them to speak in my church but maybe he knows of somewhere? I'm not sure if anything will come of it but I just wanted to talk about it.

It seems so unlikely - doubt is creeping. There's nothing I can do to make this work. I don't even know what it is that is supposed to 'work'. I don't even know anything about suicide - only that it is cold and terrible. I'm just here, for some reason stumbling all over these people. They're talking like I've been thinking and there's nothing I can do.

I sometimes get like this in the wee hours. I have no idea why I'm telling you this on the internet. I could wake up tomorrow and wonder what the hell I was going on about. But maybe I won't. I feel compelled to post this just in case I wake up and still feel the same way.I feel harassed. I'm having a spiritual right here in front of everybody and I feel very silly.

It's at times like this I wonder whether I'm actually more awake at night than I am when I'm up and active during the day. Who knows where this will go?

YouTube 300 Video

In the end I decided I would post a 300 video, just to make my subscribers feel special. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the thumbnail is of me shirtless. This means this video is going to shoot up into my most viewed videos list and potentially the most viewed in Australia list as well. This wouldn't normally be a bad thing, but I can tell that the people clicking on the video because they think that I'm completely naked will be sorely disappointed. They might start hating or I might get a reputation for rigging my thumbnail pics.

Anyway, here is the video if you're interested. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Oh yeah, and now I'm down to 299 subscribers again! What's with that?!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I Love You Both!!!

Hell yes. Three exclamation marks for this post. This is the most kick-arse news ever in the world ever.

That's right! At The Movies can be downloaded from the ABC Television website starting tomorrow.

How fitting that on the eve of Valentine's Day that Margaret and David, my two greatest loves of all time, should offer their show for free download! Margaret announced at the end of tonight's show that it is now available as a vodcast. David innocently replied, "I don't even know what that is". Bless.

For the benefit of the uninformed, I have a rather freakish obsession with the movie reviewing pair. They are my cancer-wish people. If I had cancer, and got a wish (because we all know that along with untimely death, one of the symptoms of cancer is that of wish-fulfillment) I would wish to see them.

Then I would tell them that Terrence Malick's The New World was not worth five stars. Three-and-a-half at most. Sure the cinematography was beautiful but it just dragged on and on.

You know the best part? I would have cancer so they couldn't disagree with me. Yeah.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

300! Yeah!

I just broke the 300 barrier yesterday. Or was it the day before? I can't remember. I don't know why I didn't take a screen cap straight away as soon as it happened. Might I have gone up two subscribers overnight?

At any rate, all I have is a screen cap of when I hit 10, 000 channel views (half of them probably my own clicks). At that stage I only had 299 subscribers. I think after that I went up by two, then somebody unsubscribed, then somebody else subscribed, bringing the total back up to 301.

In celebration, I thought I would treat all my subscribers to a video telling them how awesome they were. My idea was to dress a friend of mine up like a Spartan and have him yell at the camera for about thirty seconds or so. Then, if I could be arsed to write them all down, I could have all 300 names scroll across the screen in that writing that looks like it's been made out of blood.

My friend wasn't very enthusiastic about the idea of wearing a pair of leather budgie-smugglers though. He suggested that I give it a go, although somehow I doubt my skinny half-Scottish body could ever be mistaken for that of a well-built, bronzed Greek.

I suppose I could come up with some other idea, although I think I'm just too much in love with the 300 one. Every other idea just pales in the stoic, spear-wielding face of the Spartan one.

Perhaps when I get to 400 subscribers I'll try for another idea. The 300 subscriber threshold has been spoiled for it.

Black Duck II

I promised you the other Black Duck shower comics and, being a man of my word, I will deliver. Did you catch the first bunch? The story behind them is there. Again, I've captioned them because they can be hard to read sometimes.

Actually there are too many to fit into one post again, so you'll have to keep an eye out for the final installment (which will include a guest visit to the shower by Random Chicken). Anyway, enjoy!

"Red Duck plays flute. Green Duck plays banjo. Black Duck has NO musical skills what so ever."

In this comic Black Duck is being crapped on (it looks explosive) by...

Arnold, who says "It was the BUTTER CHICKEN!"
(See the promotional video)

"Red Duck likes to swing. Green Duck likes to swing. Black Duck took a swing."
(I feel really bad for Black Duck in this one. Why did he let things get so bad?)

On that rather down note, I'll leave you for today. Catch you next time for the final shower edition of Is it a Webcomic?

Monday, 11 February 2008

The Lion and the Lamb

I drew this to accompany yesterday's "Christian Sex" entry as the "Religion and Christianity" icon. Unfortunately when you shrink it down it's impossible to tell that the lamb is in fact a lamb. It kind of looks like a dog when it's just 108 pixels high. I'll have to find something else to go as that icon.
This is a bit of a departure for me I suppose, considering I usually stick to obscure comics that pertain to be funny. But Easter is coming up and crucifixion is in the air. Also this reminds me of one of my favourite parts of the Bible; Revelation 5:5-6.
"Then one of the elders said to me, 'Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.' Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing in the centre of the throne..." (NIV)
The verse goes on in the way Revelation does, talking about animals covered in eyes and comets smiting the world and that sort of thing. Revelation is very cinematic. It is the apocalypse after all.

Christian Sex

Last night at church my pastor, Stu Cameron, kicked off a three-part series on sex. There was much giggling. You can download part one from his blog, What Matters.

Curious? You so are.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Five Awesome

According to Telstra, I live in a 'rural area' (this is rubbish) and so am not eligible for proper service like 'normal' people. As such it is really, really slow for watching things like YouTube. If I want to watch a five minute video, I have to spend nearly an hour downloading.

Normally it's not too bad because I can just surf around other places or what have you, and it also helps if I draw things in Photoshop or type things into my blog. So you get lots of updates. Yaaaay!

Basically this post is a plug for a series of videos that I'm watching at the moment and am really enjoying. It's the Five Awesome series. Originally it started with FiveAwesomeGirls and then Charlie(issocoollike) stole the idea and spun off the FiveAwesomeGuys channel. I watch both, although in all honestly I enjoy the girls more. No, not just because they're girls. I suppose they do more stuff in their videos. Their project is more developed whereas the guys seem to be flying by the seat of their pants a bit more.

The reason I'm plugging them like this is so that you guys can avoid the awful thing that happened with me and the Brotherhood 2.0 series. When Brotherhood 2.0 was featured on the front page in the middle of last year I failed to recognise their genius. I'm only just getting into it now - far too late. Don't let it happen to you!

The Five Awesome projects make me smile. The spinoff-spinoff projects make me smile less so, although I've just subscribed to the 5awesomegeeks channel purely because Laurbubble does Fridays. Nothing creepy, but I think I could watch Laura's videos all day.

Hi Laura! (Somehow I doubt she reads this!)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

They Really Do

I didn't really mean to update today after the orgy of updating that went on yesterday, but then again I used some comics in my video which I don't think you may have seen. Also, sometimes when I go into my old blog to refer to something I've done previously I can't find it even if I know it exists. It'll show up on Google, but the actual archives of my old blog are disappearing I think! Or maybe it's just the images that are disappearing...

Anyhoo, here's a comic that I did last year which I'm not sure you can find anywhere else anymore. Green ants, as they are called, are often eaten by the indigenous people in North East Arnhem Land. I've also eaten them, and the natural acids in the ants make them taste kind of sour and fizzy. It reminds me vaguely of sherbet.
There. I explained one of my comics. Kind of robs it of all the magic don't you think? Yeah I thought so too. Let's go back to the "just enjoy it you philistine" philosophy of comic-reading. That's what I do.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Text-Blogging FTW!

Hello there. I think I must have posted three times today (?!) What a patient bunch you are!

Here is a video I made to promote The Fillet Skillet on YouTube today. So far it has been a resounding success!

Edit 9/02/08: Yes I did just change the 'YouTube' blog post icon. John scared the crap out of me by saying YouTube could slap me with a suspension for so blatantly ripping off their corporate logo. As unlikely as that seems, I enjoy that site too much to risk tempting fate, so I've replaced it with this not-so-blatant (but rather tall!) knockoff.

Again, New Banner *sigh*

The banner upgrade-fiddles keep coming but hopefully they're over and done with for now. I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out in the end, although reporting whenever there was a change seems a bit pedantic to me now. Oh well.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Dirty Other Blog

I'm contributing to this other blog!

Wow. When I type it out like that it sounds kind of like I'm cheating Desperate Housewives style.

Honey, I've been sleeping with the gardener. Yes - The Daily Lol Campaign. He's obscenely good-looking and he takes his shirt off when he mows the lawn. Also I might be having his babies while you are in prison. I know darling it's hard to take it all in. But hey, at least there are no toy chests full of dead bodies.

My knowledge only extends to season 1; for that is when my sister and I stopped living in the same house.

Go there and there should be a new update of things that made somebody laugh every day. It's a project we've had going for a few months now as a daily email but we felt compelled to share the goodness around - thus the blog. The site is still in its early stages and we are still finding a few extra contributors so please bear with us.

Our banner is kind of awesome. Those are all comics that've been sent as lols during the email campaign. Rob put it together. Go and congratulate him.

Once we get all the people then it's going to be show-stopping. People will mill around there wasting time at work to find their pre-aggregated funnies. For theft of time from The Man is the ultimate goal of any website is it not?

We're so subversive. No wonder China hates us so much.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Banner Woes

There's just no pleasing me you know? As soon as I put up the Black Duck banner I get annoyed that the pan is a photo while everything else is a cartoon. So I draw the pan as a cartoon. But now it's missing something. Something to make it go 'pop'. I've spent a whole day fiddling away at this banner to make it look trés awesome. I even stayed up to a genuinely unholy hour last night but to no avail.

Suggestions please.

No really. Everyone can comment. Go. Do it. Do it. Just do it.

It doesn't even have to be good. Do it.

Can't you see I just want attention?!?

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Just Enjoy it you Phillistine!

The most amazing thing happened! I found a comic on my external hard drive that I drew last year but never posted to my old blog! Good thing too because the little character from this comic makes a good little logo for my Is it a Webcomic? posts. I suppose I'll call him... Art Critic.

Anyway, I think I didn't post this originally because it wasn't immediately clear what Art Critic is looking at. It's supposed to be that Andy Warhol picture of all the cans of soup (he was the one that did that picture wasn't it? :S)

Sunday, 3 February 2008

New Banner... Already?

After I drew Black Duck I decided that I needed to add him to the site banner. Where there is Random Chicken, there will always be Black Duck and vice versa. They are complimentary and opposed. Chinese philosophy anyone? Anyway, for posterity etc etc here it is:

The banner before this one had two Random Chickens. Too much silliness in my opinion. Needs a good, Black Duck to balance things out.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Black Duck

I don't know if you've heard about Black Duck yet - any of you. I might have mentioned him in a video once or twice but until a minute ago he never existed as a comic. Previously he only existed as a mystical, Platonic Form. Black Duck is the antithesis to my mascot Random Chicken.

Black Duck actually did exist for a time. He was a character my friend Jesh and I came up with together. What happened was that I bought some of those shower crayons that you can use on the tiles in the bathroom. Over successive days when one or the other of us had a shower (*sigh* no, not at the same time - the internet has to stop with the dirty jokes) we would draw pictures on the walls so the next person could have a laugh while showering. Yes really.

I took the liberty of taking pictures before we washed our glorious work off the tiles. In case you are having trouble reading I have subtitled them.

"Red Duck eats pond weeds. Green Duck eats corn. Black Duck has no arms or legs"
(It's an in-joke. I wouldn't worry about it.)

"Red Duck says quack. Green Duck says quack. Black Duck gets racially insulted"

I have three others, including one where Black Duck actually commits suicide (rather macabre) but I'll save them for another post. This one is too long. Too long I say!