Monday, 28 January 2008

Welcome, One and All

Good hello to all of you. The blog as you see it (assuming you're not reading the archives right now) hasn't officially opened yet. I'm still getting it to look all professional.

Having said that, if you stumble across this post and think the site needs improvement, feel free to design a new banner or suggest a change in the way the colours work. My only stipulation is that the banner must contain the words "The Fillet Skillet" and the underslogan "Out of the frying pan into the fire". Additionally, I'd prefer it if you worked into the design my Random Chicken mascot and a frying pan. Oh yeah, and it should 'fit in' with my YouTube page colour-wise. Usually that's dark red.

Now, I know the banner is probably going to change at some point or other, so for the benefits of looking back to this blog's history, the banner currently looks like this:

I threw it together in Photoshop, so it's not brilliant or anything, but it's serviceable. I wouldn't be afraid of people seeing it on my blog or whatever.

So yeah. There will be a real "Grand Opening" post coming soon, but if you happen to find this blog before then, please know that I actually had another blog before now. It was also called The Fillet Skillet and it was also of me writing. I just got sick of the Live Spaces engine you know? It was slow and it restricted who could post comments - limiting feedback. So I moved here, and aren't you glad you can read this and comment if you want?

Yeah. Commenting is great. I love to comment.


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