Thursday, 31 January 2008

Grand Opening!

Welcome, all of you, to my most fabulous blog! I've moved from the Live Spaces network over here to Blogger. I'm kind of expecting some other people to read this who didn't read it before, so I'll have to do a bit of introducing. Please bear with me.

The little guy you see above is called Exclamation Mark and yes, he is an actual mark of punctuation. I've got him going on as the 'Woa!' logo for when there is something momentous going on. Also the kind-of gross looking thing in the welcome banner is called Welcome Vomit. A similar vomit welcomed me to Sydney one time.

And the YouTubers thought I only had Random Chicken going on didn't you!? Well you just got told. Almost all of the characters I use have been used before in my other blog in an irregular webcomic that I did called Is it a Webcomic? I still rather like them, so you'll be seeing others as icons in the coming posts too.

This blog will be not too much different from the previous incarnation of The Fillet Skillet, but it will include a bit more stuff on YouTube than it has in the past. It seems like I was funneling most of my creative energies into there anyway, leaving my first love to wither an die. Still, here you will find musings, ramblings et cetera et cetera. Fairly standard blog fare, but I hope I'm a bit more entertaining than most.

Won't keep you! Bye!

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  1. a ha! eye will be watching you. all day every day and you'll like it.